3D Digital Sculpting and 3D Printing for Bronze Casting By Joe Kenney
"Digital Clay" Virtual Sculpture
Limited Edition 5, custom patina
32-inch tall bronze on black granite base,
embedded turntable for manual rotation
"Contiguous" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney
"Contiguous" - 45 Degree Turn
"Contiguous" - 90 Degree Turn
"Contiguous" - 135 Degree Turn
Joe Kenney Studio ©
Available in Stainless Steel or Bronze - 8 inches to 8-feet or higher
"Good Shepherd" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney
Patina (color) application at
Deep in the Heart Art Foundry
Recent Bronze Portrait Sculptures - Life Size Commissions
Traditional Lost Wax Casting from Sculptures Created in Clay By Joe Kenney
Samsung Austin Research Center Commission
Location: Austin, Texas
Jay Leon Wolf (1921-1996).  Life-size portrait sculpture cast in bronze
Location: Georgetown, Texas.
To Read the Legacy of Jay Wolf - CLICK HERE
"Infinite Possibilities" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney
A fine art bronze sculpture comprised of a complex design of three infinity symbols presented as one to represent the infinite possibilities
of life's journey, spirituality and our interconnectedness.  Viewers can rotate the sculpture by hand.  This feature is designed to encourage
thinking about possibilities in whatever area arises in the mind.  

As viewers turn or walk around the sculpture, they will observe movement in the design with unlimited reflections of light from reflecting
on a solid metal object.  The abstractness of the sculpture is a presentation to evoke personal thoughts exploring infinite possibilities.  
"Peoples Choice" Award, Image 2015, Texas State University, Round Rock.
Viedo - Clay to Bronze Casting by Joe Kenney - CLICK HERE
About "Infinite Possibilities"
ArteZen Sculpture Created by By Joe Kenney
ArteZen Sculptors ™ are evolving a new genre of sculpture in which physicality is not a primary
consideration. A sculpture is first created as a virtual object using a variety of computer programs
as the artistic medium.  These virtual sculptures can be translated into numerous forms of creative
expression, including, but not limited to:
physical objects,
videos, and
still photography.
Physical Object
Video Clip
Still Photography
Infinite Possibilities Video 1
Designed in ZBrush Virtual Sculpting Software
A step beyond traditional experience of solid object injecting the 4th dimension of time.
Video - 3D Virtual Sculpt to Bronze by Joe Kenney - CLICK HERE
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Available in bronze - Life-size or greater by commission
4-ft Bronze on 2-ft Limestone
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Possibilities 2
By Joe Kenney and A. David Matthew
Virtual Sculpture to Still Print on Aluminum 20" x 16"
Video - ArteZen Sculpture by Joe Kenney CLICK HERE
"Contiguous" represents our connectedness that shares borders as one human race inhabiting our planet.